Plan Your Estate and Protect Your Family

Plan Your Estate and Protect Your Family

Wills and trusts in San Diego, CA and the surrounding area

Thinking about end of life arrangements can be difficult – but if you want to protect your family, you shouldn’t wait another day. For wills and trusts in San Diego, California, call the Law Office of Gary Erickson. Attorney Gary Erickson is an experienced estate planning lawyer. He has worked with a number of individuals and families to help them make plans for the future. Contact the Law Office of Gary Erickson to create your estate plan.

What matters can you address with an estate plan?

Wills, trusts and other directives can help guide your family’s actions after you pass away. A detailed estate plan can designate who will:

  • Take care of your children
  • Assume control of your business
  • Inherit your home and other properties
  • Inherit your wealth

You can also set up powers of attorney to determine who will manage your affairs if you become incapacitated. If you need a probate attorney in San Diego, CA, Gary Erickson can assist you with this as well.

Contact an established estate planning attorney today to make these all-important arrangements.