Get Quality Representation for Your Real Estate Matters

Get Quality Representation for Your Real Estate Matters

Work with a licensed real estate lawyer in San Diego, California

Buying or selling a house in the San Diego, CA area? You need a licensed and experienced real estate broker on your side. Gary Erickson is a licensed broker and real estate attorney. For years, he’s been representing homeowners in all aspects of the real estate transaction process. He’s also assisted other brokers and agents with their issues.

Finding homes for families in the San Diego, CA area

As an independent real estate broker, Gary Erickson can provide you with the expert one-on-one assistance you seek. Call today if you need someone to:
  • Market to potential buyers and find sellers in the San Diego area
  • Negotiate the sale or your home, or find one for you on the market
  • Coordinate inspection, financing and closing processes

Get assistance with all aspects of your real estate transaction. Contact the Law Office of Gary Erickson today for the help you need with your real estate matter in The Golden State.